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*** Introduction ***
AuthMods are files that handle user authentication.  They can be customized to allow X7 
Chat to integrate with existing user management systems, such as bulletin boards or 
content management systems.  This documentation covers how to program your own AuthMod.
Basic knowledge of PHP and MySql is required in order to write your own AuthMod.

Throughout the course of this guide I will refer to the script that you are integrating
X7 Chat with as the 'original script'.

AuthMod files are stored in /lib/auth/.  The file config.php (in the root directory)
controls which AuthMod file the chat room is using.  The variable 
$X7CHAT_CONFIG['AUTH_MODE'] defines which AuthMod the chat room should load.  This variable
is simply the name of the AuthMod file without the .php extention.

AuthMod files have four basic jobs in an integration environment.
	1) Handle password encryption
	2) Get a user's password
	3) Change a user's password
	4) Automatically log a user into X7 Chat if they are logged into the original 
Here is a blank authmod for you to start off with, all AuthMods must have these parts:
	$auth_ucookie = "X7C2U";			// Name of username cookie
	$auth_pcookie = "X7C2P";			// Name of password cookie
	$auth_register_link = "../register.php";	// Link to the registration Page
	$auth_disable_guest = true;			// Disable guest accounts
	// Any Cookie-Translations will have to go here
	function auth_encrypt($data){
		// Encrypt $data
		return $data;
	function auth_getpass($auth_ucookie){
		// Get the password for user $_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie] (the user's username)
		return $password;
	function change_pass($user,$newpass){
		// Change $user's password to $newpass

*** Variables ***
First take a look at the variables at the top.  The first two handle the cookie names, if
the system you wish to integrate with uses a seperate cookie for usernames and passwords
then you may be able to simply swap the cookie name values in here.  If not you will
have to handle cookie translations later.  In that case leave the default values.  The
register_link variable allows you to specify the page that users must register on.  This is
useful for integration because you can point the user to the registration page for the 
original script.  The final variable allows you to disable guest access to the chat room 
when this AuthMod is being used.

*** Cookie-Translations ***
Cookie-Translations refers to the process of taking cookies from the original script,
reading them and creating X7 Chat cookies based on the information in them.  The reason to
do this is so if a user is logged in on the original script they should automatically be
logged into X7 Chat when they visit the X7 Chat page so they do not have to login twice.

Cookie translation usually involves connecting to the database, reading the cookies, 
authenticating the data and then creating a variable called $_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie] with
the username and a variable called $_COOKIE[$auth_pcookie] with the correct password.
Since not all original scripts store user information in the same way this process is very
different depending on the original script.  Here is an example of a Cookie-Translation
for an original script that uses a single cookie that stores data in the format 
"username:password".  The cookie from the original script is named "userdata".
	$temp = explode(";",$_COOKIE['userdata']);
	$_COOKIE[$auth_ucookie] = $temp[0];
	$_COOKIE[$auth_pcookie] = $temp[0];
This is a very simple example and does not require the AuthMod to access the database.  If
database access is required you must be sure to reconnect to the X7 Chat database when you
are done or else you may get access denied messages.

*** Functions ***
The three functions are fairly self explanatory.  It doesn't matter how they work, just 
that they get the required information and return it.

*** Help ***
If you need help E-Mail hide@address.com and I'll be happy to help you out.  You should
also check out the premade AuthMods for examples.  md5.php is the original and most basic
of them all since it does not do integration.
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