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©2002 - 2009 Matteo Bicocchi

1.7.0 reformat code:
  Cleaned up the methods to get the index (now all refers to the gotoPage method);
  added “loadCallback”, “changePageCallback”.

1.6.0 Safari bugfix:
  adjusted dimensions to prevent non int value.

1.5.7 minor ISSUE:
  added "goToPage" method. Allow to jump to a specific page.

1.5.5 minor ISSUE:
  added two callback functions: nextCallback and prevCallback.
  solved an align problem. 

1.5.2 minor fix for IE7:
  added float left to elements in the component for the unsupported inline-block attr on display.

1.5.1 minor fix:
  changed "dir:orizontal" in "dir:horizontal".

1.5 Major issue:
  introduced the vertical scroll modality controlled by a new parameter "dir".

1.0 First release
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