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2.5.5 feature:
  1. added .addTouch() from jason kuhn (http://jasonkuhn.net) jQueryUI touch events implementation;

2.5.4 bugfix:
  1. from: container.resizable("disable");
     to: if(container.hasClass("resizable")) container.resizable("disable");

2.5.2 bugfix for FF4:
  1. wrapped:
    var winw=$(window).width();
    var winh=$(window).height();
    into document.load otherwise there was an exception.

2.5.1 bugfix for IE:
  1. onIconize didn't fire.

2.5.0 major issue:
  1. new callback onCreate.
  2. simplified the HTML definition of the container.
  3. added new demo dock_placeholder.

2.4.9 minor issue:
  1. better manage of containment.
  2. added zIndexContext to specify which elements must be considered to increment the zIndex value by mb_bringToFront function.

2.4.8 minor issue:
  1. added mb_setPosition(top, left) method.

2.4.7 minor issue:
  1. added minWidth and minHeight to be setted as metadata of the container.
  2. modified onClose callback to be executed after the transition effect.
  3. added onBeforeClose callback to be executed before the close transition effect.

2.4.6 minor bugfix:
  1. now the resize event of a container into a dom element take care of the containment.

2.4.5 minor issue:
  1. added alwaysOnTop metadata param to mantain the container always on top.

  2.4.2 minor bugfix and issue:
  1. added mb_setFixedPosition() method to set fixed position on the fly.

2.4.1 minor bugfix and issue:
  1. fixed a bug in mb_setCookie() with expire date.
  1. Added a dockedIconDim param to set the dimension of docked icons.

2.4 Major ISSUE:
  1. added the possibility of manage cookies by setting "rememberMe" as metadata of the container.
     Setting this propertie to true the container'll have memory of its state, position and dimension once page is reloaded.

2.3.5 minor bugfix:
  1. if fullScreen once iconized and restored the height wasn't reset correctly.
  2. if iconized and mb_resizeTo generate a bug; now you simply can't mb_resizeTo if iconized;
  3. better controll of each state of container;

2.3.4 minor bugfix:
  added onResize listener for mb_resizeTo().
  impruved mantainOnWindow behavior.

2.3.3 minor bugfix:
  added mantainOnWindow:true.
  if set to false, the containers will not get repositioned once window resized.

2.3.2  minor bugfix:
  added a "closed" state once containers are initialized.

2.3.1  minor bugfix:
  fix a namespace bug introduced in the last release with the methods: $.fn.mb_open() and $.mb_close(). (they where become $.fn.mb_closeBox() and $.fn.mb_openBox().

2.2  minor bugfix:
  Now containers appear just when initialized.
  If you are updating a previous version you have to overwrite the css file too!!

2.0 Major issue:
  Now you can iconize container where you whant:
  just specify the id of your dock element with the new dock attribute.
  Ex: class="containerPlus draggable resizable {buttons:"m,c,i", icon:"chart.png", skin:"black", collapsed:"true",width:"500?,iconized:"true",dock:"dock"}"
  (!) changed the css class of the container content: from content to mbcontainercontent to prevent conflict with other generic content css classes.
  So, if you are upgrading to 2.0 pleas change this on your page!!!

1.8 Minor bugfix:
  There was a CSS conflict with others jquery UI components. Overwritten the default UI CSS Class for handles with mbContainerPlus own classes, SHOULD BE SOLVED!
  Minor issue:
  improved the jQuery.fn.mb_open() function:
  now you can pass two parameters: url and data to change the content of the container dinamically while opening it from an external link.

1.7.7 Minor bugfix:
  If you setted an icon to a container not draggable and not resizable the icon was positioned at top left of the window, SOLVED!

1.7.6 Minor bugfix:
  if a container hadn"t buttons set shut an error that prevent all other containers to work, SOLVED!
  Minor issue:
  added two properties for managing handles for resize and to permit resizing with aspectRatio manteined:
  handles:"n, s, e, w, sw"; if you add this property to a container not draggable, you manage the handle for resizing (default is "s").
  aspectRatio:"true"; setting this property to tru you enable the resize mantaining the aspect ratio of the container.

1.7.5 Major bugfix:
  if the container was collapsed than iconized, once restored couldn"t be expanded again, SOLVED!
  Major issue:
  added a function to get the container state (collapsed, iconized, closed):
  jQuery.fn.mb_getState(attr); it returns the state as boolean.
  added a function to collapse / expand a container:
  jQuery.fn.mb_toggle(); it toggle between the two states.
  added a function to close and one to open a container:
  jQuery.fn.mb_close() and jQuery.fn.mb_open();
  changed the param name from minimized to collapsed;

1.7.0 Major issue:
  Now you can load content via ajax!
  Added a new param "content" where you can store the url to your ajax page content.

1.5.5 Major bugfix for IE7:
  The resize problem in IE is fixed;
  the ugly buttons display for IE fixed;
  the invalid argument error for IE fixed;

1.5.3 Minor issue released:
  added an extra function:jQuery.fn.iconize().you can iconize your container from enywhere calling this function. It toggle the state from iconize to normal.Example: $("#iconizable").mb_iconize();

1.5.2 Minor issue released:
  added an extra function:jQuery.fn.resizeTo(h,w).you can resize your container from enywhere calling this function.Example:$("#iconizable").mb_resizeTo(300,200);

1.5.0 Major issue released:
  Now yo can define containers paramiters without writing custom attributes on the tag, and the component is W3C compliant!: >> before<div class="containerPlus draggable resizable" width= "500" buttons= "m,c,i" style= "top:200px;left:200px" icon= "chart.png" skin= "default"> >> Now<div class="containerPlus resizable {buttons:'m,c,i', skin:'white', width:'500', icon:'chart.png', skin:'default'}" style="top:200px;left:200px">You can still use both sintax, but if you want to be w3c compliant than you nee the second one and you have to include jquery.metadata.js in your page.

1.0.4 Minor bugfix:
  added a new css class for handlers mb-resize to prevent UI conflict;now you can refer to containers handlers via css prrefixing the UI class with mb-resize (for example: .mb-resize.ui-resizable-se{}).

1.0.3 Major bugfix:
  iconizing the container once it was minimized, when restored it couldn"t find anymore its original height. (height:0).

1.0.2 Minor bugfix:
  the iconize icon wasn"t managed by the global image path setted by params.

  added "iconized" or "minimized" at the start.
  Just add the attribute "iconized="true" or "minimized="true" to the container.
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