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Online Super Bowl Squares Script
Please read the "Readme.txt for license agreement, installation and usage instructions 

$query="SELECT * FROM VNSB_settings";
$result = mysql_query($query);
if ($record = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
	$SB_DATE = $record['sb_date'];
	$SB_LOGO = $record['sb_logo'];
	$NFC_TEAM = $record['NFC_team'];
	$NFC_LOGO = $record['NFC_logo'];
	$AFC_TEAM = $record['AFC_team'];
	$AFC_LOGO = $record['AFC_logo'];
	$VERSION = $record['Version'];
	$ADMIN_EMAIL = $record['Admin_email'];
	$ADMIN_PASSWORD = $record['Admin_pwd'];
	$ADMIN_VERIFY = $record['Admin_verify'];
} else {
	//echo mysql_error();
	echo "<br/>Sorry, Technical problem occurred... Can't read from database.<br><br> Please notify this site admin</a>";
<title>VNLISTING :: Online Super Bowl Squares v4</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<meta name="keywords" content="VNLISTING, superbowl squares, super bowl, nfl squares online, free softwares, free scripts, superbowl scripts"/>
<meta name="description" content="The one and only fun and free NFL Super Bowl Squares Online."/>
<meta name="robots" content="index,nofollow"/>
<body bgcolor="" link="#0033CC" vlink="#0033CC" alink="#CC0000" leftmargin="0" topmargin="10" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">
<!--body bgcolor="#99CCFF" link="#0033CC" vlink="#0033CC" alink="#CC0000" leftmargin="0" topmargin="10" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"-->
<table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td><img src="<?=$SB_LOGO?>" border="0" title="Super Bowl Squares"></td>
<td align="center"><h2><font color="#009900">Sunday, <?=$SB_DATE?></font></h3></td>
<td align="right"><img src="<?=$AFC_LOGO?>" border="0" title="<?=$AFC_TEAM?>">&nbsp;&nbsp; <b><font size="+2">vs</font></b> &nbsp;&nbsp;<img src="<?=$NFC_LOGO?>" border="0" title="<?=$NFC_TEAM?>"></td>
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