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The Webring Script was written by Michelle Potter of http://usr-bin-mom.com.  Linkbacks are appreciated.

This script is linkware.  To use this script in its original form, you must link back to http://usr-bin-mom.com
The Webring Script is free to use and redistribute under the GPL.  You received a copy of the GPL in your .zip file.  Please read it.  While there is no cost for using The Webring Script, if you want to send me money, gifts, or stickers, I wouldn't object!

You must be able to use php on your website to use this script.

1. Edit the variables in config.php.
2. Upload all files to your webring directory.
3. Use your browser to view install.php, which will create the table in your database.
4. Include form.php, members.php, and queue.php on PHP enabled pages in your webring directory.
5. When someone joins your webring, they will recieve an email with your ring code, and you will recieve an email allowing you to approve the new member.
6. To delete a member, go to http://your_ring_url.com/process.php?action=remove&id= (the id of the site you want to remove)

If you have any questions, please post them at http://usr-bin-mom.com/
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