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Do not edit or modify the files in this directory, as they might be changed in future plugin versions.
This would lead to a loss of your changes!

* If you want to make changes to your language's file, please see the TablePress Extension
"Change DataTables strings" at http://tablepress.org/extensions/change-datatables-strings/
for instructions on how to do this.

* If you just want to change to a different language file, you can override the locale by using the Shortcode
parameter "datatables_locale" or with the plugin filter hook 'tablepress_datatables_locale'.

* If you want to translate the language file into your own language, copy the file "lang-en_US.js", rename the copy to
"lang-XX_XX.js", where XX_XX is the ISO code for your language. That is the same one as in your WordPress language files (*.po, *.mo).
Then you can translate that file. If you email the file to me, I'll gladly include it to the next release of the plugin.

Most languages in the folder are from http://datatables.net/plug-ins/i18n.
You can also check that page, if your language has been added and tell me about it.

You can find example code for this in the FAQ at http://tablepress.org/faq/
or in the documentation at http://tablepress.org/documentation/.

Thank you!
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