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I have set up a test site on our development server
It only supports the domain test.com but is completely
functional otherwise

API Documentation:

API Documentation Download:

This program includes 3 files
index.html - test html entry page for class TA_Vpopmail
libs/test_vpopmail.php - takes user input from index.html and
                          calls the TA_Vpopmail class functions
includes/ta_vpopmail.inc - holds the TA_Vpopmail class

1. Web Server with access to vpopmail binaries

2. Installed and properly working vpopmail
    have tested on version 5.3.8 http://www.inter7.com
   I found that the vpopmail documentation didn't match the
   actual binary usage so I went throught the C source and wrote
   these wrapper functions based on that.
3. Installed and properly working php ( have tested on 4.1.2 and 4.3.1

Installation Instructions:
1. copy the included files into a directory structure that matches
   the above files.
2. Vpopmail bin files must be copied into a directory accessible by
    your web server and chown vpopmailuser.webservergroup and chmod 6755
    I suggest that they be put in a directory by themselves
    I make no warranty as to the security of this setup
    Examples: chown vpopmail.nobody *
              chmod 6755 *
    vadddomain and vdeldomain must be suid root
    Example: chown root.nobody vadddomain
             chmod 6755 vadddomain

3. Set the VPOP_BIN_PATH in ta_vpopmail.inc on or about line 35

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