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//	Startpage v1.1 by Matthijs Draijer
//	Use of this script is free, as long as
//	it's not commercial and you don't remove
//	my name.

Startpage v1.1 is a script which shows your favortie links. Making this script your startpage
enables you to start with your favorite links when you start your browser.
Yo can sort your favorite links by title or by use, which means that the most frequently used
links will appear on top while less frequently used links will appear lower.
If you don't use a link for a while, the script doesn't show it anymore until you use the link
again, than the script will show it again.

1.	Unzip the ZIP-file
2.	Change the variables in 'inc_config.php'
3.	Move the files to your webserver or to a map on your webserver (ie
4.	Create the two MySQL-tables as written in 'start_page.sql'
5.	Go to http://www.yourdomain.com/start_page/ and add you favorite links

If you have a new language-file, a better language-file (ie I havn't spoken German for years) or
remarks/suggestions. Just mail, ICQ or MSN me, and I'll try to update the script.

Matthijs Draijer
ICQ# : 46739124
MSN  : hide@address.com
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