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SRESI is a command-line bookmarks manager with an optional PHP interface.

The installation instructions are in the doc sub-folder.

Short explanations
SRESI can import Del.icio.us, Mozilla, Opera and XBEL files.
Exports can be in the same formats, or as SRESI-specific formats: an HTML +
Javascript bookmarks tree, two portal variants (an heavy and verbose version,
a lighter and less informative one).
The two 'native' file formats are DSV and HTMLsresi, which contain all the
information SRESI works on. DSV is a standard text file, while HTMLsresi is
correct XHTML.

SRESI-generated trees and portals are very duplicates-heavy, putting all
bookmarks at each and every place they should be in the directory structure.
This means SRESI does not allow an easy path back to a standard tree-based
bookmarks management system.
Del.icio.us exports may not work, as SRESI is very lax in what it considers
a tag, and may go beyond what Del.icio.us allows.

SRESI's internationalisation support is a joke: it exports everything as UTF8
because it's becoming the standard, but it is the user's responsibility to
ensure input is also UTF8. Alternatively, the user can change SRESI's export
to the needed input value (check the Formats.ml file).
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