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SQL Caching API Library

Are there troubles with your DB performance? Use SQL Caching API Library.
This library extends a DB Abstract Layer API up to SQL Caching ability. SQL Caching API Library 1.0 supports AdoDB (http://adodb.sf.net) and PHPBB DAL (http://phpbb.com). 
As far as you see in the examples you have to initiate a DB connection by means of the sqlAPI class constructor. You can use the getFetchListing() method of this class for any SQL query, which returns a set of data rows. If you wish to use caching, you suffice to add APPLYCACHE parameter. Also you must apply modify method for every modifying SQL query.  You may get the trace log from TraceInfo array. The cleanCache method allows to clean cache.
The library uses files for cache storage and one table of DB for indexing. You can rewrite this API in order to cache is kept in server shared memory (see http://php.net/shmop_open/) 

How install?
Restore test.sql dump into your DB. Create /cache/ folder and set up 777 permission to it. Copy into /adodb/ folder AdoDB files or copy into /phpbb_dbapi/ folder PHPBB DAL files. If you don’t use any DAL API copy into /phpbb_dbapi/ folder mysql.php and execute phpbb_sample.php.
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