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$paypal_sandbox = 1;  // 1 for test more, 0 for production mode
$expire_in_hours = 72;  // how many hours before download expires, in hours
$paypal_email_address = 'hide@address.com';  // your paypal email address
$support_email_address = 'hide@address.com';   // your email address for support
$support_email_name = 'You - YourDomain.com';   // name to appear in the From when email is sent

$get_shipping_address = 1;   // whether to get or not shipping address
                             // 1 - Yes, MUST enter shipping address
                             // 0 - No, shipping address field removed
                             // 2 - Optional, shipping address is optional

$product_name = 'Sample Product';   // Product name, will appear in Paypal
$product_code = 'SPL101';   // Code, will appear in Paypal
$product_price = '19.95';   // product price, will appear in Paypal
$price_currency = 'USD';    // currency, Paypal only supports
                            // AUD CAD EUR GBP JPY USD NZD CHF HKD
                            // SGD SEK DKK PLN NOK HUF CZK ILS MXN
$product_files = array(); // do not change

$product_files[] = array( // DEFINE YOUR PRODUCT
		'name'     => 'Sample Audio MP3', // normal name of the file
		'filename' => 'audio-lesson.mp3', // filename the customer will gets
		'source'   => 'sample.mp3'        // actual location of the file
                                                  // does not need to be the same filename
                                                  // location can elsewhere too like:
                                                  // 'source'   => '../../store/sample.mp3'

$product_files[] = array( // DEFINE ANOTHER PRODUCT
		'name'     => 'Sample PDF eBook',
		'filename' => 'workbook.pdf',
		'source'   => 'sample.pdf'

$email_subject = 'Your Purchase: {PRODUCT NAME} ({PRODUCT CODE})'; // subject line for your email

// email body. you cannot have anything, even blank spaces after EOT

$email_body = <<<EOT

Thank you for purchasing {PRODUCT NAME}.

Below is the URL to your download page. You have
approximately {X} hours to download your purchase, in which
after that period the download page will be expired.


If the URL above is not clickable, just copy and paste the
URL into your browser.

Should you need any assistance, just reply to this email.

Your Name
Your Company


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