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Please read the licence.txt file before proceeding

 Installation Guide

These installation instructions may be too detailed for some users and they mainly target the first time installer. So please forgive me if I go too deep in explaining features. Before you begin you will need to know the following information

    * The name of the database you will be using.
    * The database username
    * The password for the database
    * The name of the host that the database is running on, in most cases this is localhost.

We all have the urge to dive straight in without reading any manuals and instructions and I am just the same, but if you can spare a few minutes of your time to read what's below, then I can assure you, installing PropertyMax will become a lot clearer and easier!

Unzip the files in the PropertyMax.zip file to a folder, making a note of which folder you have unzipped to!

Step One - Editing the config.php file
Now we have the files and we are armed with the information for our database, open up the config.php file in a text editor. This file is located in the admin/ folder. Now add the information in the correct spaces for our database connection. Save the file when you have completed.

Now upload the folder and all contents to your web server via FTP.

Step Two - Installing the Database Tables
Now we have to point our browser to the admin/install.php file. This file is especially designed to install all your tables and default content for PropertyMax Pro to function. Open up your favourite browser such as I.E, Mozilla or Firefox and type in the address bar:- www.yourdomain.com/admin/install.php

Press the button in the middle of the screen which says 'Click here to install database tables'. You should now see a very nice message which says database installation successful. If you get this message then follow the on screen instruction to access your admin control panel with the supplied username and password.

REMEMBER to delete the file install.php after installation as this file is now a security threat and should be removed from your server.

Now chmod the photos/ folder to 777 to allow the uploading of property photograghs to this fodler.

That's it. PropertyMax Pro should now be installed and fully functioning on your server. Just follow the information on this screen to proceed.

Login to the PropertyMax Admin section by visiting www.yourwebsite.com/admin/ you will be required to enter a username and password to gain access. Use the following to login:

    * Username: admin
    * Password: admin

Changing Languages and Currency
In the free version the default language is English. To change the language pack you need to edit the admin/config.php file with the correct information or upgrade the full version where language packs are available as add-ons.

To change the currency unit on the English language pack, you will need to edit the file located at admin/config.php Locate the CURRENCY section and edit as you require.

This free version of our popular property listing software has unlimited listings but is limited to one photograph per property. This software is not time locked and will never expire.

Don’t forget to change the username and password at your earliest convenience. Select the Change Password option form the left-hand menu.

Integrating into your existing website
To seamlessly integrate PropertyMax Pro to your existing design, simply add the following line of code where you would like the search box and results to appear.

<?php include ('search_.php'); ?>

** Note - the code above may be corrupted by your text editor. It is a standard php include command.

PropertyMax Pro will take care of the rest. A couple of things to make a note of is that the file search_.php must be in the same directory as the page you have placed the code on and the page extension must end with .php

Support Centre:

Best Regards
Steve Dawson (Developer)


We are always looking for ways to improve our software, so if you think of any new features which may improve the way PropertyMax Pro functions, then please let us know!
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