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 * This script is developed by Arturs Sosins aka ar2rsawseen, http://webcodingeasy.com 
 * Fee free to distribute and modify code, but keep reference to its creator 
 * Pop under class allows you to implement pop under advertising to your website.
 * You can customize probability of ads to appear, time for how long to show advertisement and much more.
 * Language and template files included to provide full outlook customization
 * For more information, examples and online documentation visit:  
 * http://webcodingeasy.com/PHP-classes/Implement-pop-under-advertising-to-your-site-using-pop-under-class

$lang = array
	"add_to_title" => "Advertisment", 
	"seconds_left" => "seconds left", 
	"redirecting" => "Redirecting", 
	"waiting" => "Waiting for page to load", 
	"skip" => "Continue to page"
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