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								phpAdBoard License Information

By purchasing this script you are licensed to use this software on one website, one database only. To use 
this software on multiple sites you must purchase multiple licenses. Modifying the code is your decision.
If you modify your phpAdBoard application your free support may or may not be free depending on the items
you have altered, and the decision to offer free support is entirely up to W2B. You may not alter the PHP
coding in these scripts except for what is outlined in the install.txt file and/or changing the HTML or 
CSS files.

You are purchasing this software "as is". There are no warranties expressed or implied. To legally use 
this software, you cannot hold W2B liable for damages arising from the use of this software. W2B reserves 
the right to modify and change this software at any time, with or without notice.

This script cannot be bundled with any other products or sold without written permission from W2B. If you 
install this software you are legally bound by this licensing agreement and agree to it's content fully. 
Copyright(C) 2003, W2B, All rights reserved.

We can not force you to retain our copyright on your website, but we would appreciate if you would keep a 
link to W2B somewhere in your phpAdBoard Application, or place the text "Powered by phpAdBoard" with a 
link to W2B on your website. Thank you!

phpAdBoard 1.02 Copyright(C) 2003, W2B, All Rights Reserved

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