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Release: beta-0.10.tar.gz   Date:Nov 01, 2012
changes applied:
-- function link_element() added
-- function show() will take external(host) form elements name as arguments

Release: alpha-0.04.tar.gz    Date:June 06, 2012
Major changes were made.
-- interface and abstract class added
-- redundant functions are deleted
-- no need to set column number or create_table or to check with is_new() function
-- all memory functions are made private
-- declaration codes become simpler
-- VirTable::usage() shows only public function list

Release: alpha-0.03.tar.gz    Date:June 04, 2012

Release: pre-alpha-0.02.tar.gz    Date:May 30, 2012

Release: pre-alpha-0.01.tar.gz    Date:May 29, 2012
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