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PHP Template Inheritance (PHPTI)

Template Inheritance is an extremely useful technique for making reusable HTML
layouts for a site. It is much more flexible than alternative techniques, such
as "including" common elements of a page (like a header and footer file).

The concept has been around for a while, most notably in the
[Django](http://www.djangoproject.com/) template engine. Unlike other libraries,
*PHP Template Inheritance* lets you write everything in straight PHP. There is no
need to learn another template language.


- For a tutorial on how to use this library, visit [phpti.com](http://phpti.com/)
- For bugs, visit the [Issue Tracker](http://github.com/arshaw/phpti/issues)
- For development, visit the [GitHub Project](http://github.com/arshaw/phpti)
- Created by [Adam Shaw](http://arshaw.com/)

Released under the MIT License (license.txt)
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