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ftpmonitor first test release. I will be adding more to this readme 
until the official documentation is done.

installation -

the ftpmonitor requrires little configurations for it to work.
1)extract contents of this archive to a folder on your webserver
1) edit config.php to set the username and password to your database
2) open the folder named sql in this package and import it into mysql
3) from then on u can add and remove as many servers as u want.

note - do not upload the 'sql' folder

Things to do -

Authentication and session handling
Import via xml
import via txt file
rss feed
uptime in the form of a percentage
installation script
users and usergroups with permissions
poling option for servers who block people who connect to often
configuration/adminitration page
ftpmonitor as phpnuke module
ftpmonitor class structure making use of new php5 features
ftpmonitor as a full php ftp client and download directory

final notes
any suggestions you have or anything think i can add to it please feel free to post in the 
forum at sourceforge. This script is still in its testing stages and should not be used in 
a production environment.
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