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This is a small library written in PHP to generate an Excel
file (in MicrosoftXML format) out of a two-dimensional array.
It is NOT a full-grown solution to handle some serious data
interchange between databases <> PHP <> Excel, but a small
and simple way of throwing out an XML natively readable by
Excel to the browser.

Author:  Oliver Schwarz <hide@address.com>
Project: http://code.google.com/p/php-excel/
Issues:  http://code.google.com/p/php-excel/issues/list
Version: 1.1

Version 1.1
After revitalizing the project this version now addresses
several issues in the bugtracker. On my way to version 2
I wanted to publish an intermediate version to fix some
stupid errors I did in the first run.

Version 2 now allows:
* The setting of an encoding (default: UTF-8)
* The automagic type identification for strings/numbers

It fixes:
* An issue (#3) with large arrays and implode
* An issue (#7) with other charsets than iso-8859-1
* An issue (#9) with XML entity encoding (still not 100%)

Version 1
This was the first version, released on March, 8th 2007. It
was usable for many people using the ISO-8859-1 charset and
for small arrays. However, it had some serious flaws using
other charsets or using larger data containers.

Please see the included license.txt for details (it's MIT
license) or visit:

...for more details.

To get the export running, first create a two-dimensional
array (please stick to 2 dimensions, the library does not
work with complex arrays):

$a = array();
        $a[] = array('Cell' . $i);

Instanciate the library and give the array as input:

$xls = new Excel_XML();

Generate the XML/Excel file. This method should trigger
the browsers "Save as..." dialog:


Optional values
1) You may set your own charset in the constructor of
the class:

$xls = new Excel_XML('UTF-8');

2) You may activate/deactivate type identification for
table cells (strings/numbers):

$xls = new Excel_XML('UTF-8', true);

Whereas the values are: 'true' = type identification
active, 'false' (default) = type identification inactive.

3) You may set the worksheet title directly in the

$xls = new Excel_XML('UTF-8', true, 'Testsheet');

Problems, Errors, Help
If problems or error occur I unfortunately can not provide
any support. However, please visit the projects website and
post an issue to the comments or bugtracker. Thanks. 
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