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$month_names = array(1=>'january', 2=>'february', 3=>'march', 4=>'april', 5=>'may', 6=>'june', 7=>'july', 8=>'august', 9=>'september', 10=>'october', 11=>'november', 12=>'december');

$day_names = array('MO', 'TU', 'WE', 'TH', 'FR', 'SA', 'SU'); //change this array to start with the first day of the week
$first_day_of_week = 2; //1- sunday, 2 - monday, etc.
//for a week that starts on Sunday use these 2 lines instead:
//$day_names = array( 'SU', 'MO', 'TU', 'WE', 'TH', 'FR', 'SA', 'SU');
//$first_day_of_week = 1; 

$allow_past = false;
$date_format = 'd.m.Y';
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