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The different examples rapidly show how to use FPDF. You will find all main features explained.<BR><BR>
<A HREF="tuto1.htm">Tutorial 1</A>: Minimal example<BR>
<A HREF="tuto2.htm">Tutorial 2</A>: Header, footer, page break and image<BR>
<A HREF="tuto3.htm">Tutorial 3</A>: Line breaks and colors<BR>
<A HREF="tuto4.htm">Tutorial 4</A>: Multi-columns<BR>
<A HREF="tuto5.htm">Tutorial 5</A>: Tables<BR>
<A HREF="tuto6.htm">Tutorial 6</A>: Links and flowing text<BR>
<A HREF="tuto7.htm">Tutorial 7</A>: Adding new fonts and encoding support<BR>
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