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NestedSetDbTable is a abstract class that provides API for managing 
some table which has data that is organized in "Nested set model" 

Developers should extend this class in order to create a model that will be 
interface to some of your database tables.

There are two versions of this class in this package. First one is 
for general PHP applications, and it can be used as a 3rd Party in 
some project. Its files are stored in 
NestedSetDbTable/libs/GlobalVersion. Other version is made for 
Zend Framework based applications, and it is stored in 

Nikola Posa <hide@address.com>

1. As mentioned above, there are two versions NestedSetDbTable class in 
   this package. You should choose what version do you need, and after 
   that, you should use NestedSetDbTable folder from one of those two 
   folders (GlobalVersion or ZFversion) in your project.
2. Another step you should do is to put folder, in which you've stored NestedSetDbTable dir, in include path. Here's an example of how to do that:

	set_include_path('.' . PATH_SEPARATOR . 'path/to/libs' 
		. PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path());

   ... where "libs" is name of the folder where you've stored NestedSetDbTable dir. 

* API for managing database table, which has data that is organized 
  in "Nested set model" manner,

* Methods for implementing Nested set model,

* getTree() method gets whole tree, including depth information,

* insertNode() method enables adding new node at desired position in 
  tree hierarchy,

* updateNode() method enables updating data of some node, including 
  its position in tree hierarchy,

* deleteNode() method is used for deleting nodes, and it has option 
  for deleting only desired node (without its child nodes), or 
  deleting its child nodes as well,

* Capability to define additional SQL WHERE clause that will be used 
  as additional condition in process of preparing, adding and 
  updating of tree hierarchy,

* Global version of this class, has also PDO-based database adapter 
  provided along with its package. There's also interface for creating 
  custom database adapter, to be used for your NestedSetDbTable model.

Both versions of NestedSetDbTable package requires PHP 5 or later. 

If you wish to use default database adapter in Global version of this 
package, PDO extension must be enabled in your PHP installation.

Zend Framework version should be used only in some Zend Framework 
based project, and in that case, this link is the right place to find 
out more about the requirements: 

The files in this archive are released under the GNU General Public License. 
You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt.
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