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  <title>Magical 8 Ball - Answers to all of your Questions</title>
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<!-- begin 8 ball generator -->
	<div id="container">
		<h1>I'm the Magical 8 Ball</h1>
		<a href="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" title="Click me to start over again!"><img width="200px" src="http://www.magical8ball.com/images/magical-8-ball.jpg" alt="magical 8 ball"></a>
		<h2>Ask me questions. I'll give you answers.</h2>
			<div style="margin-top:-10px;">
			<input id="questions" type="text" onfocus="if(this.value == '  Enter any question that can be answered by YES or NO') { this.value = ''; }" value="  Enter any question that can be answered by YES or NO" />
				<div style="margin-top:30px;">
				<a id="buttonlink" href="<?php $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>"><span id="submitbutton">submit</span></a>
		<div id="answers">
		<?php include "answers.php" ; ?>
<!-- end 8 ball generator -->
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