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A major subrelease, main points are 
 enhance management of Relationship Component Properties
 updated file parse mgnt
 line 75 pos char. split functionality
 GEOLOCATION and vCard exports
New functionality:
 hiphop adaptations, http://php.webtutor.pl/en/2011/05/10/hiphop-for-php-unimplemented-functions-and-features/
  function iCal2XML and XML2iCal NOT supported (using SimpleXML)
 export ATTENDEEs, ORGANIZERs and CONTACTs (if formatted as internet email) as vcard
  new functions iCal2vCard, iCal2vCards
 function getProperty: added argument 'GEOLOCATION' will give output supporting
  ISO6709 "Standard representation of geographic point location by coordinates"
 expand functions getProperty, (_getProperties,) getComponent, selectComponents and sort with CONTACTs, RELATED-TOs, URLs
 optimized method _size75 (removed mbstring part)
 function parse, line endings + empty lines mgnt
 function createTimezone, mgnt no match within date period
 removed default_timezone setting inside class file
 test platform
Bug fixes:
 function iCal2XML, typo error
 function setGEO input format, accepts 0 (zero) as input
 function createGEO output format
 function getProperty (_getProperties): empty properties mngnt
 function sort (_cmpfcn), sorting on argument, properties allowing multiple values, datetime
 function createPRODID, wrap PRODID at 75 pos
 language, set at calendar level, MUST affect the PRODID property
 function _size75, string split problems
 function setAttendee/setOrganizer, mgnt prefix MAILTO
 function getComponents, multiple property search values
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