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1. Copy "class.GoogleWAPDictionary.php" and "dictionary.php" to some location on
Web server. You may rename "dictionary.php" to anything you want.

2. Open "dictionary.php" in text editor and set parameters at the top of the

$mode = 'xhtml'
Set to xhtml or wml. It is recommended to use wml mode for mobile devices.

$defDictionary = 'en|ru'
Default dictionary. Currently supported dictionaries are:

'en|fr' 	English - French
'fr|en' 	French - English
'en|de' 	English - German
'de|en' 	German - English
'en|it' 	English - Italian
'it|en' 	Italian - English
'en|ko' 	English - Korean
'ko|en' 	Korean - English
'en|es' 	English - Spanish
'es|en' 	Spanish - English
'en|ru' 	English - Russian
'ru|en' 	Russian - English
'en|zh-TW' 	English - Chinese (Traditional)
'zh-TW|en' 	Chinese (Traditional) - English
'en|pt' 	English - Portuguese
'pt|en' 	Portuguese - English

3. Run "dictionary.php" from your browser or mobile device.

Note: You may need to use a mobile device emulator or a WML browser to view WML
output in your PC.

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