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Hello users,

The gnVisitorInfo class helps you gather some information about the visitor on your page.

Information extracted include -
IP, Request method ,Browser Detail, Operating System Detail, Country Name resolving (from IP address)
Accepted Language (To be implemented), Accepted Encoding (To be implemented), Accepted Charset (To be implemented)

Note: You need the iplookup.sql database dump to get IP to Country resolving done.
the sql is available here http://www.girishn.com/pages/downloads.php#gnVisitorInfo 


For any bashing/thrashing/kicking/likeing use

You need to copy the class files gnVisitorInfo.php & db_mysql.inc into the folder where your application lib is stored.

Get the database SQL(if you don't have it already) from http://www.girishn.com/pages/downloads.php#gnVisitorInfo

create a database by following steps
  1. mysql -u mysqlusername -p
  2. Enter the password when prompted
  3. SQL> CREATE DATABASE gnPrograms;
  4. SQL> QUIT

  5. mysql -u mysqlusername -p gnPrograms < iplookup.sql

Change the database setting in db_mysql.inc

Now copy the example.php into the web root directory.

and change the path for require("/your/path/to/gnVisitorInfo.php"); as per your installation

Now access the example.php from different browsers.

Tested on:

PHP 4.3.2 
OS: Linux, Windows 2000

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