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//*****                       REQUIRED SETTINGS                        ******

//MySQL Database connection parameters, enter your hostname (usually 
//localhost), your username, password and the name of the database. 
$dbhost = "localhost";
$dbuser = "";
$dbpass = "";
$dbname = "";

//Enter the IMEI of the phone allowed to use this application, to see your
//IMEI type on your phone *#06# and enter the IMEI below.
$cphone = "";

//Google Maps API Key, you need this key to display the maps.
//Get your key at http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
$gmaps = "";

//*****                       OPTIONAL SETTINGS                        ******

//Use the CellDB.org database in combination with your MySQL database to 
//store and retrieve your GSM cell locations. Please register first at
//http://www.celldb.org for more information.
$cduser = "";
$cdhash = "";

//Use Google Earth to display the history of previous locations and/or display
//your current position using a Google Earth network link.
$gearthperiod = "";   //"today", "yesterday", "week", "month" or "year"
$gearthfile   = "";   //"gearth.kml"
$gnwlinkfile  = "";   //"gnwlink.kml"

//Number of known positions of a GSM antenna before it calculates your position
//without GPS. If you set this to 3 it needs three positions of a GSM antenna 
//before calculating your position. Please enter a value between 1 and 7.
$ant_threshold = 1;

//If you like to calculate your distance from home, please enter your home 
//position below using decimalS, ie: $homepos = array (52.9159, 5.32317);
$homepos = array (51.9159, 4.32317);

//Create an RSS file for syndication purposes
$rssfile = "";

//Set the number of hours you differ from UTC Time
$t_offset = 0;

//Debug information, for development purposes only.
$debuginfo = False;

//*****         PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE          ******

$celldb = False;
$ghistory = False;
$gnwlink = False;
if (!empty($cduser) && !empty($cdhash)) $celldb = True;
if (!empty($gearthfile)) $ghistory = True;
if (!empty($gnwlinkfile)) $gnwlink = True;
if (!empty($rssfile)) $rss = True;

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