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Server Installation
This is your typical 1 minute installation manual.

* Install into a folder on your PHP enabled webbrowser.
* Modify config.php where necessary.
* Create a MySQL database
* Create the MySQL tables using GG-Tracker.sql
* Browse to http://<your-domain.com>/<installedfolder>/index.php

Aspicore GSM Tracker Installation
Below are my settings, your settings might be totally different.
Please be aware that if you use internet on your phone for sending
the location to a server (that is what you are doing here) that
it might cost you (a lot / some / no) money!

Store GPS BT name: On
On startup GPS: On
GPS init string: None
Use Location API: On
Retry after, min: 10

Store Access Point: On
On startup conn.: On
Disable bill prompt: On
Connection reset, min: 0

HTTP Protocol: On
Internet page URL: http://<your-domain.com>/storesql.php
URL param: status: On
URL param: speed: On
URL param: course: On
URL param: time: Off
URL param: date: Off
URL param: altitude: Off
URL param: HDOP: Off
Send cell every time: On

Time trigger: On
Time period, min: 30
Time period, sec: 0
Distance trigger: On
Distance, meters: 500
Cell trigger: Off

Trig on start: Off
Move time, second: 3
Trig on stop: Off
Stop time, second: 3
Turn trigger: Off
Angle, degrees: 40
Tx hold, second: 60
Max HDOP, 0=ignore

On startup tracking: On
Cell change beep: Off

Kind regards,

Ebo Eppenga
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