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1. Execute the SQL file (table.sql) in your phpmyadmin or whatever you use for managing the databse
2. Change the variables at the beginning of both broadcast.php and sender.php:
$host is your database host
$user is your database user
$pass is your database pass
$dbase is your database name
$sender is what will appear in sender/reply-to address of the sent mails
$userstable is the name of the table containing your members. Freecast is intended to work with an existing members database since it makes sense to brodcast people in your existing site
$emailfield is the name of the field which contains the user email
$namefield is the name of the field containing the user name
$globalpass is a password which the webform will require from you to allow you sending mails. It is to protect the script from unauthorized user
$limit means how many mails will be sent per one run of sender.php
This is done like that, because broadcast.php only schedules the mails. Sender.php sends them so it allows you to set it as cron job or run manyally and not send all mails at once - this prevents promblem with SPAM limitations on many servers
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