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EzBan 4.0
Readme File
Copyright 2003 - 2010
Mystic Dreams Enterprises
Website: http://www.mysticdreams.net
Email: hide@address.com

* This script is used by license only issued by Mystic Dreams Enterprises.
* This script is protected by US and International copyright law.

This is the DEMO - 15 Day trial of EzBan! - UNLOCK CODE: ezbandemo

A full license can be purchased at: http://www.mysticdreams.net/ezclick/ezclick.php?id=10

* The cost of a full, one server / domain license is: $20.00 ( One-Time Fee! )
* EzBan will be locked to one domain name, but you can run as many copies as you like under that domain.

// Setup instructions for EzBan.

NOTE: PHP 4 or 5 and MySQL is required for EzBan to work!

1. Unzip the ezban_demo.zip to your local computer.

2. Open the ezban/ folder.

3. Open config.php in a text editor like EmEditor ( DO NOT USE WORD PAD! )

EmEditor: http://www.mysticdreams.net/ezclick/ezclick.php?id=1

EMFTP. http://www.mysticdreams.net/ezclick/ezclick.php?id=2

// Define the items below for EzBan ( config.php ).

// Define the items below for EzBan.

// EzBan install directory URL for your site. NO trailing slash!

$site_url = "http://www.your_domain.com/ezban";

// Your admin password to login to EzBan.

$ezbanUserId = "admin";
$ezbanPassword = "pass";

// License number and information for EzBan. Used by the contact form.
// Change the license number and information below to your full version key.

// Your main website address ( http://www.your_domain.com )

$contact_url = "http://www.your_domain.com";

// Your Full Name
$contact_name = "YOUR NAME";

// Your License Key if this is the demo version, it can remain as is.
// If this is a registered version, please change this to the registered key.

$key = "ezbandemo";

// Banner Display Settings

// Borders around the banners.
// 0 = OFF  / OR = Set in pixels you want border to be.
// ie: a 1px border would be $border = "1";
// for a 3px border it would be $border = "3";

$border = "0";
$border_color = "#000000";

// iFrame Banner Display Settings ( Auto Rotation )

// This setting allows you to set EzBan to Auto-Rotate your banners.
// Without reloading the main page, making it perfect for BBoards and the like.
// Turn the iFrame on or off.
// 0 = OFF 1 = ON

$iframe = "1";

// This is the setting for the auto rotate / refresh timer.
// This is done in seconds and will control when EzBan refreshes
// and loads another banner.

$rotate_timer = "20";

// The settings below adjust differant variables for the iFrame in EzBan.
// Width and Height are the most important for your banners to show properly.
// As a rule, you can set these to the actual banner size. BUT...
// For some banners from out-side sources like ShareIt and the like, this
// may not work properly and you may get a scrollbar in your banner windows.
// Simply adjust the width and height a pixel at a time until you only get the banner.
// Normally going up 5 pixels should be fine. Affiliate codes from Link Share sometimes
// need more space due to the spacers they use.

// Example for a 125x125 banner = 130x130
// Example for a 120x240 banner = 125x245
// Example for a 120x600 banner = 125x605
// Example for a 468x60 banner = 473x65

$iframe_width = "473";
$iframe_height = "65";

// These are the iframe border settings. These can stay as is for most.

$iframe_frameborder = "0";

// Set maximum banner image upload size.
// This setting is used to set the maximum banner image size for EzBan.
// As a banner program we need to limit how big an image can be to be used and uploaded by EzBan.
// If your not sure what this means, the default setting can remain safely.
// * If you have trouble uploading an image due to size, increase this number.
// Kilobyte(KB) - A unit of approximately 1000 bytes (1024 to be exact). 
// An image that is 102400 bytes = 100 KB!

$banner_max_size = "102400";

// Define your MySQL Database Information.

$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbuser = 'YOUR USERNAME';
$dbpass = 'YOUR PASSWORD';
$dbname = 'ezban';

// These are used by the MySQL Backup to send the backup to you.
// Your email address.

// This is the FROM email address used by Ezban

$website_email ="hide@address.com";

// This is the SEND TO email address used by EzBan.

$sendto_email = "hide@address.com";

// You can edit / modify the below section if you are allowed only one
// database by your provider. * Add an additional table to EzBan use ezban2.sql
// editing the same prefix information.
// $prefix = "ezban_";
// $banners = $prefix . "banners";
// $stats = $prefix . "stats";

$prefix = "ezban_";


Save and close once all changes have been made.

// Upload the whole EzBan directory.

1. Upload the whole /ezban folder to your root www directory on your server using an FTP client 
like WS FTP PRO. http://www.your_server.com/ezban

2. Once all files have been transferred, you will need to chmod the following items to chmod 777.

backups/ chmod 0777 or 0755 ( Some Shared Hosting )
images/ chmod 0777 or 0755 ( Some Shared Hosting )
mysticlock.php chmod 0777 or 0755 ( Some Shared Hosting )

3. Using myphpAdmin or similar, create a database named "ezban" on your MySQL server.

NOTE: You have three ( 2 ) sql files in this package.

1. ezban.sql – The default sql file. Installs one banner to get you started.

2. ezban_NO_INFO – Doesn’t place default banner in database, only the tables.

3. Upload the ezban.sql file to fill your new "ezban" database. 
( Browse / Go using myphpAdmin )

If all went well with your database creation... 
You should now be ready to login to EzBan.

5. Point your browser to http://www.your_server.com/ezban/

====================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW ======================

When you load the index.php / admin.php page, it will ask for an UNLOCK CODE!!! **

** Input the following code to begin your 15 Day Trial: ezbandemo **

====================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOVE ======================

6. Enter the username and password set in the above step.

7. Once logged in, click on the ADD icon to setup your first banner.

NOTE: All local images go in the /images folder in ezban. 
If using local images, the relative path is required.

example: images/banner.gif or images/SOME_IMAGE.gif

NOTE: The Display Status: can NOT be set to OFF if only ONE banner is present in your database!

That's it! You should have created your first banner and now you can look around the rest of the program.

The View All icon allows you to see all current banners in your database and you can click on each to check your links.

As well as MODIFY, DELETE or see the current stats on that banner.

NOTE: HTML AFFILIATE CODE - Will NOT show clicks only views!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Regular html code should show clicks as well as views.


<a href="http://www.your_link.com"><img src="http://www.your_link.com/images/banner.gif" border="0" alt=""></a>

As of release, ALL affiliate codes worked well in EzBan:
Flash, Java Script, iframe and more!

====================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW ======================
// Displaying the banners
====================== IMPORTANT INFORMATION BELOW ======================

To display ads on your site you simply add a call to the ezban.php file on your page, where you want the add to appear. For .php pages use:


<div align="center"><?php include ("ezban/ezban.php"); ?><div> 

Where path to is the full path to the ezban.php file.

For non PHP pages you will need to use an <SSI> tag to display advertisements, like this:

<div align="center"><!--#include virtual="ezban/ezban.php"--><div> 

If you use this option make sure you adjust the call according to your server set up. For example, the call above is fine for pages in your main directory.

But if you have pages in sub-directories, you'll have to adjust the tag 
for proper calling. If you have a page called index.htm in a sub-directory called... /ads, which would be:

Then the tag would change to

<div align="center"><!--#include virtual="../ezban/ezban.php"--><div>

And so forth!


EzBan 3.0 has a built in Support Request option. Click on the Support Request Icon to contact us.

If you find you need support, please email: hide@address.com
And put "EzBan Support" in the subject line.

NOTICE: If you make any attempts to reverse engineer, edit or other wise change the code... The program will fail!

We work hard on our programs and feel that the small cost to register is fair!
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