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ER Manager, by Paolo Brocco (pbworks)

ER Manager website: http://ermanager.sourceforge.net
Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ermanager/

*** README ***

ER Manager is a tool to manage your external relations. It was thought to be used in the local committee in Lugano of the international non-profit, student-run organization AIESEC which I'm member.
AIESEC members need also to keep in touch with companies for organizing internships, sponsoring, in-kind raising, workshops for students and for many other kind of partnerships.

With ER Manager you can:

    * add/edit the address of a company and of its contact person
    * upload the logo/image of a company
    * add a note (e.g. comment, resume of a meeting etc.)
    * add a "TO-DO" (=follow-up, task to do)
    * see the history of notes and already done TO-DOs
    * see if a company is interested to participate in the Career Days project or not, and if not, why
    * mark a TO-DO as "done"
    * delete notes, TO-DOs and Career Days information

The tool is in alpha stage, so you may probably need to personalize it for your needs, especially if you don't use it in an AIESEC environment. In fact this first release is thought to be used by other AIESEC LCs, but I plan also a more generic version to be used by everybody without the need of modifications.

Check the ER Manager website for more information and to see what are the next modifications that I'm planning ("TO DO" page).

This software is under the GPL license, so you can modify and use it for free.
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