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ER Manager, by Paolo Brocco (pbworks)



    * Edit the db options in "config.inc.php"
    * Import ermanager_dbschema.sql in your MySQL database (e.g. by using phpMyAdmin)
    * Make the "cache" folder and its subfolders writable by the webserver (chmod -R 777 cache)
    * Make the "images/logos" folder writable by the webserver
    * Modify the path variables in "files/config.php"
    * Optionally: modify (actually set as "companies.csv") the $csvfilename variable in the export.php file

*** Language file and translations ***

To modify the language you can make a copy of "language.eng.inc",  translate it, save it with a different name and modify the "templates/header.tpl" file: in the first line just change "language.eng.inc" with the new language filename (e.g. language.ger.inc).

An Italian language file is already provided in the package: "language.ita.inc". Ciao a tutti! ;-)
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