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How can eCatalog Software Help Your Business

Most catalog business requires their powered website and often hugely depend upon web designers for initial website and also for subsequent updates. Each such exercise warrants endless follow ups and energy diversions. eCatalog software provides Do-It-Yourself  optimum web catalog for your business with following key facilities:

•easier navigation and accessibility - categorized product thumbnail display, product full page with user defined colors / product page design attributes

•power graphic viewing, specially multiple views e.g. zooming, thumbnail view, larger graphic view, slide show etc.  4 level graphics support (thumbnail, product detailed page graphic, full size product graphic and powered large view with mapping & zoom in).

•power search

•easier for site visitor to search / select the products and place the order (ecommerce shopping cart with PayPal integration)

•SEO friendly tags

•track your customers, support google language tools etc

With eCatalog, your business can create its catalog website and/or multimedia CD catalog at button click in few simple steps:

•Build your product data (products, graphics and contents); also quick update through MS Excel
•Finalize your theme once
•Select products for your website or CD Catalog (through powered wizard) and click the button to publish your entire web
•Upload published web on your web server or burn on distributable CD media
It is highly suitable catalog creation software for a business enterprise engaged in Catalog Driven Business (e.g. Apparel Catalog, Jewelry Catalog, Textile Catalog, Carpet Catalog, Ceramic Catalog, Leather Catalog, Furniture Catalog, Home Furnishing Catalog, Crafts Catalog, Antiques Catalog, Fashion Catalog, Lingerie Catalog, Toy Catalog, Gifts & Novelties Catalog, Precious Stones Catalog, Stone & Marbles Catalog etc). Most business enterprises who use business catalog for their product presentation, now can depend upon eCatalog - Professional Edition for quick, customized and highly objective catalog presentation to fetch higher sales. 

Unlike most photo album software or photo gallery creators, eCatalog - Professional Edition gives typical edge for business with make you create entire catalog with most issues, you as a business enterprise may like to address.  User can customize and configure catalog contents, theme and design setting to suit its industry and campaign. User need not depend upon external web designers & catalog service providers for frequent catalog updates to meet time line challenges of special events like trade shows, customer meeting etc. 

About eCatalog Software
eCatalog - Professional Edition is web / multimedia CD catalog software for both business as well personal album. A Business Enterprise can build category driven product catalog with highly customizable styles, user defined language and powerful features, without any technical skills. Catalog contain power search, categorized navigation, thumbnail viewing, shopping cart with payment gateway, products description pages, powerful slide show, product detail section, special view graphics, magnified view, graphic zooming option and many more features, to provide rich and expressive experience to your catalog viewer. Once published, catalog can be easily distributed / displayed as web gallery, web catalog, photo album, multimedia CD brochure or electronic catalog.

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