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1. Default subscription file name "subscriber.txt". If you want to change this file name please change it in index.php line number 84. -= $myFile = "subscriber.txt"; //Change the file name you want. =-

2. If you want to change the popup box size, please use style.css file to change
	#outerbox,#inner1,#inner2#inner3#inner4 width size to fit your page.
	#outerbox width is the overall width.

How to use this code in other pages.

1. Copy all the content in <head></head> and paste in your page's <head></head> tag
Note: If you already used "jquery.js" then please remove any one and if you use the stlyesheet name as "style.css" then rename our style name.

2. Copy all the content in <body></body> and paste the code where ever you need to put that "Subscribe Me!".
Note: Your file should be in .php, because we are using PHP script. If it is in HTML, Please rename it to PHP.


For any query please contact me.
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