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// set config file to write to
$writer = new config_writer('writable_config.txt');

// turn debuggin on
$writer->set('debug', true);

// prefix variable names with type?
$writer->set('prefix_with_type', true);

// variables to store
$var1 = "Hello";
$var2 = 100;
$var3 = "new line: \n carriage return: \r tab: \t";
$array = array(10, 20, 30);
$assoc = array('hello'=>10, 20, 'bye'=>30, 'string');
$double = 200.23;
$boolval = array(true, false);

// set parameters
// var    val    comment    section
$writer->set_param('var1',		$var1,			'Basic String');
$writer->set_param('var2',		$var2,			'Basic Integer');
$writer->set_param('var3',		$var3,			'Special characters');
$writer->set_param('array',		$array,			'Array',				'Array Section');
$writer->set_param('assoc',		$assoc,			'Assoc Array',			'Array Section');
$writer->set_param('double',	$double,		'Double');
$writer->set_param('boolval',	$boolval,		'Boolean',				'Boolean');

// write!
$result = $writer->write();

echo "<pre>\n";

if ($result) {
	echo "Written Successfully!\n";
	echo "Config is: ".($writer->is_valid($writer->build()) ? "VALID" : "INVALID")."\n";
	echo "<a href=\"writable_config.txt\">View Config</a>";
} else {
	echo "Could not write config file";

echo "\n</pre>";

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