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UPGRADE (1.6 -> 1.7)

Before starting the upgrade, backing up both your database and your site files is of great importance.

1. Put the script in maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).
2. Back up your database (Tools -> Database Backup) AND your files.
3. In the v1.7 download, do the following:
 a) Rename the admin folder comments/admin/ to match your renamed admin folder.
 b) Delete the folder comments/includes/db/
 c) Delete the files in comments/includes/words/ EXCEPT for admin_tips.txt
 d) Delete the folders in comments/includes/emails/ EXCEPT for croatian, slovenian and thai.
 e) Delete the folders in comments/agreement/ EXCEPT for croatian, slovenian and thai.
4. Upload the comments folder onto your existing comments folder to overwrite everything.
5. Run the upgrade http://www.domain.com/comments/installer/
6. Log in to your admin panel and make sure everything is working.
7. Take the script out of maintenance mode (Settings -> Maintenance).

Note: You may need to clear your browser cache after the upgrade.
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