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This software is provided as is and no garantuee is given nor responsability is taken for possible unexpected adverse effects. 
The use of this software is at your own risk.

Thanks to KDulcimer for reporting bugs and submitting fixes.

-- www.rescomputer.com

ClickStats is an open source script to register clicks on weblinks. ClickStats is released under GPL licence v2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html).

Upload all the files to your root directory with ftp.
Make sure to chmod the redirectstats directory to 777

2. USE
Call on the file redirect.php that will be located in the root directory, if you want to register a click. 
In a standard html file use <a href="redirect.php?url=example.com"> instead of linking directly to <a href="http://www.example.com"> .
Do NOT use http:// for the redirect.

For links that do not use http (eg.: ftp or https), you can specify the protocol, with "protocol=ftp" or "protocol=https"
Example: <a href="redirect.php?protocol=ftp&url=example.com">
If no protocol is specified, http will be used.

Every time a new link is clicked, the script will generate the according txt file automatically if it does not yet exist.
Do not change the content of the txt files if you do not wish to mess things up.

You can check the results by surfing to the file redirectstats/stats.php
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