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>> What are the Splash screens?

Splash screens is a resource frequently used on programming languages as Delphi or VB.
An pending window is beeing exibited, showing for example your application logo, version 
and release... etc

>> How to use this class

I have done a simple test suit script showing to you how to use the class.
If you usally have an folder with your icon , just set the folder root on the varible in class
on the of the script.
You you need to increse or reduze the pending time (in seconds) just altear the integer value on to also.

>> PHP-GTK ? What is it?
PHP-GTK is an extension that allows to you build desktop applications as you frequently see written with VB, C++...
If you want to get more information about it go to http://gtk.php.net/ or visit my web site [http://guto.awardspace.com] 
to get free source code writted in PHP-GTK.
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