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// Advanced Power of PHP
// ---------------------
// http://www.apphp.com
// ApPHP TreeMenu
// Version: 1.0.1

Software requirements: PHP 5.0 or later version.

To install ApPHP TreeMenu, you should have to extract the ApPHP TreeMenu ZIP file. 
It depends on the operating system you use. Once extracted, you will have a directory
containing the ApPHP TreeMenu script.

Upload all content of this directory to your webserver, either by copying the 
directory or by using an FTP program.

Type in your browser code_example.php

If you are running on your own computer, this will be

   http://localhost/{treemenu directory}/code_example.php

or if on a live server:

Congratulations, you now have ApPHP TreeMenu v.1.x.x. Installed!   

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