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$acronymit = new AcronymIT();

$acronymit->add_acronym("LOL", "Lough Out Loud");
$acronymit->list_acronyms(); // Default file with LOL, Laugh Out Loud added

$acronymit->list_acronyms(); // Default file without LOL, Lough Out Loud

$acronymit->add_acronym("LOL", "Lot Of Laughs");
$acronymit->list_acronyms(); // Default file with LOL, Lot Of Laughs added

$acronymit->list_acornyms(); // Changing the file: LOL does not exist now

$acronymit->add_acronym("LOL", "Laugh Out Loud");
$acronymit->list_acronyms(); // So let's add it again to the new file!

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