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 * @package languageDefines
 * @copyright Copyright 2003-2006 Zen Cart Development Team
 * @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce
 * @license http://www.zen-cart.com/license/2_0.txt GNU Public License V2.0
 * @version $Id: account_newsletters.php 3159 2006-03-11 01:35:04Z drbyte $

define('NAVBAR_TITLE_1', 'My Account');
define('NAVBAR_TITLE_2', 'Newsletter Subscriptions');

define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Newsletter Subscriptions');

define('MY_NEWSLETTERS_TITLE', 'My Newsletter Subscriptions');
define('MY_NEWSLETTERS_GENERAL_NEWSLETTER', 'General Newsletter');
define('MY_NEWSLETTERS_GENERAL_NEWSLETTER_DESCRIPTION', 'Including store news, new products, special offers, and other promotional announcements.');

define('SUCCESS_NEWSLETTER_UPDATED', 'Your newsletter subscriptions have been updated.');
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