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 * English language file
 * @package Language
 * @author  Andreas Gohr <hide@address.com>
 * @author  Andreas Goetz <hide@address.com>
 * @version $Id: en_withtooltips.php,v 1.3 2005/03/25 12:57:10 andig2 Exp $

# Tooltips

$lang[tooltip_google_imgsearch]    = "Click to search for images on Google about:";
$lang[tooltip_imdb_search]         = "Click to view the IMDB entry on:";
$lang[tooltip_videodb_search]      = "Click to search for:";
$lang[tooltip_browse]      = "Click to browse through this database";
$lang[tooltip_trace]       = "Click to go to IMDB";
$lang[tooltip_random]      = "Click to find a random item";
$lang[tooltip_search]      = "Click to search in this database";

$lang[tooltip_searchfor]   = "Search in videoDB for:";
$lang[tooltip_search_google_covers]= "Click to search for covers in Google";
$lang[tooltip_search_contentprovider]= "Click to search for content in several systems";

$lang[tooltip_new]         = "Click to add a new entry to this database";
$lang[tooltip_show]        = "Click to edit this item";
$lang[tooltip_borrow]      = "Click to borrow this video";
$lang[tooltip_stats]       = "Click to view the statistics of this database";
$lang[tooltip_setup]       = "Click to change the configuration of videoDB";
$lang[tooltip_profile]     = "Click to change the your preferences";
$lang[tooltip_help]        = "Click to view the help files on videoDB";
$lang[tooltip_login]       = "Click to log out of videoDB. Are you sure?";
$lang[tooltip_logout]      = "Click to log in to videoDB. <br/>Valid username and password required.";
$lang[tooltip_view]        ="Click to view details about this item";
$lang[tooltip_filter]      = "Select to filter the items following this requirement";
$lang[tooltip_filter_ok]   = "Click to accept the filter selection.";
$lang[tooltip_filter_tv]   = "Select to also view TV-Episodes";
$lang[tooltip_userselect]  = "Select a user to only view his/her entries";
$lang[tooltip_edit]        = "Click to edit this enty.";

$lang[tooltip_copyform]    = "Copy this entry";
$lang[tooltip_editform]    = "Edit this entry";
$lang[tooltip_borrowform]  = "Borrow this entry";
$lang[tooltip_deleteform]  = "Delete this entry <b>Are you sure?</b>";

$lang[tooltip_coverlink]   = "Click here to see the image in full resolution.";
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