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SiteBar 3 Troubleshooting

[All file paths in this document are relative to the location of this file!]

In  case  of  some  strange  behavior,  or  even   blank   screens   open   file
../inc/errorhandler.inc.php and set following define to true (the easiest is to 
change the word false to true.

	define('SB_DEBUGGING', defined('SB_DEVELOPMENT') || false);

Verify that your http server has write right to the path where does the following
define points to (alternatively change the path):

    define("SB_LOG_FILE_PATH", "sitebar.log");

All classes with exception of Localizer are subclasses of ErrorHandler  so,  the
static dump and log functions can be called via $this->dump() and  $this->log().
All errors and warnings are written to the log file as well.

HTTP communication and SQL operations can be logged by changing define in the
mentioned file ../inc/errorhandler.inc.php:

    define ("SB_LOG_HTTP", true);
    define ("SB_LOG_SQL", true);

Q: What means error message 'Cannot connect to database!'
A: This means that either your database server is down, or
   you have entered wrong information when configuring database
   connection. Verify your credentials using mysql command line
   or using web application like phpMyAdmin. By default only root user
   exists in each mysql application. If you are using other username
   you may need to create the user first. See install.txt for some 
   MySQL hints

   In order to get more information switch on logging by defining path
   to the log file (see above). In the log file you will find an error
   message from your database driver. The information is intentionally
   hidden to the log file, to prevent other users seeing details about
   your database in case the connection fails from any reason.

   In case the connection parameters are incorrect, simply delete file
   ../inc/config.inc.php and click on [Check Settings] button.

Q: I have wrongly setup Base URL in SiteBar Settings. How can I fix it?
A: Please edit ../inc/page.inc.php and instead of null in the following
   define define( 'ABS_BASE_URL', null); empty string or proper URL.
   Fix URL in SiteBar Settings and change the define back.

Q: I have setup redirection from HTTP to HTTPS for SiteBar. Now some
   things do not work as expected.
A: Please setup Base URL in SiteBar Settings to the HTTPS URL.
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