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SiteBar 3 Install & Upgrade Guide

1) Download and unpack the package (X stands for current release version):

   tar xfj SiteBar-X.tar.bz2

   - or -

   unzip SiteBar-X.zip

Files will be unpacked into a new directory having the same base name as the
file "SiteBar-X".

2) Move the content of the installation package to a place  accessible  to  your
HTTP server (let's assume it will be accessible at http://localhost/sitebar/ ).
You can move the files on Linux with:

    mv SiteBar-X/* sitebar/

    - or -

    cp -R SiteBar-X/* sitebar/

3) Open page  http://localhost/sitebar/index.php  and  let  yourself  be  guided
through the rest of  the  installation/upgrade.  Please  note  that  on  the  DB
Configuration page you are asked for parameters of your  MySQL  connection  like
username/password and database host address.  The  installation  ends  with  the
message that you are welcome to SiteBar. Upgrade ends on your login screen or if
you were logged in before installation then you might still be logged (if  there
was no change in login mechanism).


Installation assumes you either already have the database or have the  right  to
create it from a PHP script.

For MySQL beginners: If you have just installed your MySQL to run  SiteBar  then
the password of the root user is empty. It is not the root user of your  server.
You may want to read more on MySQL security topic:

The SiteBar 3.3 and higher use centralized integrator page. This allows latest
integration and usage tips be available to all SiteBar users without any need
to upgrade. The centralized page is located at SiteBar project webspace
http://my.sitebar.org/integrator.php . In case this address becomes slow
or in any other case you can switch in "SiteBar Settings" to use local
integrator page.
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