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Simple Comments 0.3 - By Matthew Negus


Installation Instructions:

1. Upload "comments" folder to server.
2. Browse to www.yoursite.com/comments/install.php
3. Enter MySQL info
4. Press Install
5. Done.

note. if the database you select doesn't exist, the install script will create one of that name.

To delete comments or ban ip's, browse to www.yoursite.com/comments/admin

this script currently dues not have a login for the admin area. (i will add one later)
if you can password protect areas of your site, i suggest protecting the admin folder.

If you want to change the title, page name or background, edit header.php in the comments directory.

Feel free to edit this script.

If you have any questions, email me at: hide@address.com

 - Password Protect Admin Area.

Change Log:
0.3 - 04/09/2010
 - Users can now delete their own comments (based on ip address).
 - Add comment script now checks if a name and message has been inputted.

0.2 - 19/08/2010
 - Ip Logging and Banning Added.

0.1 - 17/08/2010
 - Basic script created (comments viewing, adding and deleting(in admin area)).
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