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Base class used to display an attribute value in a file. This template is 
typically used in conjunction with sra-attr.tpl

Key            Type          Value/Default     Description

[attr]         [element tag] (value|[cycle])   see sra-attr.tpl - may also be 
                                               used to define the input "type" 
																							 if not the standard "text"
[cycle]        cycles        [csv cycle vals]  see sra-attr.tpl

link                         [resource]        if the file exists and this value is 
                                               specified, a link to the file will be 
                                               created using the value as the resource key for 
                                               the link. set this value to [name] to 
                                               use the original file name, [name kb] to 
                                               use the original file name followed by 
                                               the size in kb in parens, or [name mb] to 
                                               use the original file name followed by 
                                               the size in mb in parens. if the file 
                                               does not exist, this label will not be 

{assign var="myParams" value=$Template->getVarByRef('params')}
{if $Util->isObject($attribute, 'SRA_FileAttribute')}
{assign var="fileLink" value=$entity->parseString($myParams->getParam('link'))}
{if $Util->beginsWith($fileLink, '[name')}
{assign var="newFileLink" value=$attribute->getName()}
{assign var="newFileLinkPostfix" value=0}
{if $Util->endsWith($fileLink, 'kb]')}{assign var="newFileLinkPostfix" value=$attribute->getSizeKb()|cat:' kb'}{/if}
{if $Util->endsWith($fileLink, 'mb]')}{assign var="newFileLinkPostfix" value=$attribute->getSizeMb()|cat:' mb'}{/if}
{assign var="fileLink" value=$newFileLink}
{if $newFileLinkPostfix}
{assign var="fileLink" value=$fileLink|cat:' ('|cat:$newFileLinkPostfix|cat:')'}
{if !$attribute->getEntityId()}
<a href="{$attribute->getUri()}">{$fileLink}</a>
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