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 * Chainable filters for custom URI processing.
 * These filters can perform custom actions on a URI filter object,
 * including transformation or blacklisting.
 * @warning This filter is called before scheme object validation occurs.
 *          Make sure, if you require a specific scheme object, you
 *          you check that it exists. This allows filters to convert
 *          proprietary URI schemes into regular ones.
abstract class HTMLPurifier_URIFilter

     * Unique identifier of filter
    public $name;

     * True if this filter should be run after scheme validation.
    public $post = false;

     * Performs initialization for the filter
    public function prepare($config) {return true;}

     * Filter a URI object
     * @param $uri Reference to URI object variable
     * @param $config Instance of HTMLPurifier_Config
     * @param $context Instance of HTMLPurifier_Context
     * @return bool Whether or not to continue processing: false indicates
     *         URL is no good, true indicates continue processing. Note that
     *         all changes are committed directly on the URI object
    abstract public function filter(&$uri, $config, $context);


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