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$fallback = false;

$messages = array(

'HTMLPurifier' => 'HTML Purifier',

// for unit testing purposes
'LanguageFactoryTest: Pizza' => 'Pizza',
'LanguageTest: List' => '$1',
'LanguageTest: Hash' => '$1.Keys; $1.Values',

'Item separator' => ', ',
'Item separator last' => ' and ', // non-Harvard style

'ErrorCollector: No errors' => 'No errors detected. However, because error reporting is still incomplete, there may have been errors that the error collector was not notified of; please inspect the output HTML carefully.',
'ErrorCollector: At line'   => ' at line $line',
'ErrorCollector: Incidental errors'  => 'Incidental errors',

'Lexer: Unclosed comment'      => 'Unclosed comment',
'Lexer: Unescaped lt'          => 'Unescaped less-than sign (<) should be &lt;',
'Lexer: Missing gt'            => 'Missing greater-than sign (>), previous less-than sign (<) should be escaped',
'Lexer: Missing attribute key' => 'Attribute declaration has no key',
'Lexer: Missing end quote'     => 'Attribute declaration has no end quote',

'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Tag transform'              => '<$1> element transformed into $CurrentToken.Serialized',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Missing required attribute' => '$CurrentToken.Compact element missing required attribute $1',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Foreign element to text'    => 'Unrecognized $CurrentToken.Serialized tag converted to text',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Foreign element removed'    => 'Unrecognized $CurrentToken.Serialized tag removed',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Comment removed'            => 'Comment containing "$CurrentToken.Data" removed',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Foreign meta element removed' => 'Unrecognized $CurrentToken.Serialized meta tag and all descendants removed',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Token removed to end'       => 'Tags and text starting from $1 element where removed to end',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Trailing hyphen in comment removed' => 'Trailing hyphen(s) in comment removed',
'Strategy_RemoveForeignElements: Hyphens in comment collapsed' => 'Double hyphens in comments are not allowed, and were collapsed into single hyphens',

'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Unnecessary end tag removed' => 'Unnecessary $CurrentToken.Serialized tag removed',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Unnecessary end tag to text' => 'Unnecessary $CurrentToken.Serialized tag converted to text',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Tag auto closed'             => '$1.Compact started on line $1.Line auto-closed by $CurrentToken.Compact',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Tag carryover'               => '$1.Compact started on line $1.Line auto-continued into $CurrentToken.Compact',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Stray end tag removed'       => 'Stray $CurrentToken.Serialized tag removed',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Stray end tag to text'       => 'Stray $CurrentToken.Serialized tag converted to text',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Tag closed by element end'   => '$1.Compact tag started on line $1.Line closed by end of $CurrentToken.Serialized',
'Strategy_MakeWellFormed: Tag closed by document end'  => '$1.Compact tag started on line $1.Line closed by end of document',

'Strategy_FixNesting: Node removed'          => '$CurrentToken.Compact node removed',
'Strategy_FixNesting: Node excluded'         => '$CurrentToken.Compact node removed due to descendant exclusion by ancestor element',
'Strategy_FixNesting: Node reorganized'      => 'Contents of $CurrentToken.Compact node reorganized to enforce its content model',
'Strategy_FixNesting: Node contents removed' => 'Contents of $CurrentToken.Compact node removed',

'AttrValidator: Attributes transformed' => 'Attributes on $CurrentToken.Compact transformed from $1.Keys to $2.Keys',
'AttrValidator: Attribute removed' => '$CurrentAttr.Name attribute on $CurrentToken.Compact removed',


$errorNames = array(
    E_ERROR   => 'Error',
    E_WARNING => 'Warning',
    E_NOTICE  => 'Notice'

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