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 * Validates contents based on NMTOKENS attribute type.
class HTMLPurifier_AttrDef_HTML_Nmtokens extends HTMLPurifier_AttrDef

    public function validate($string, $config, $context) {

        $string = trim($string);

        // early abort: '' and '0' (strings that convert to false) are invalid
        if (!$string) return false;

        $tokens = $this->split($string, $config, $context);
        $tokens = $this->filter($tokens, $config, $context);
        if (empty($tokens)) return false;
        return implode(' ', $tokens);


     * Splits a space separated list of tokens into its constituent parts.
    protected function split($string, $config, $context) {
        // OPTIMIZABLE!
        // do the preg_match, capture all subpatterns for reformulation

        // we don't support U+00A1 and up codepoints or
        // escaping because I don't know how to do that with regexps
        // and plus it would complicate optimization efforts (you never
        // see that anyway).
        $pattern = '/(?:(?<=\s)|\A)'. // look behind for space or string start
                   '(?:(?=\s)|\z)/'; // look ahead for space or string end
        preg_match_all($pattern, $string, $matches);
        return $matches[1];

     * Template method for removing certain tokens based on arbitrary criteria.
     * @note If we wanted to be really functional, we'd do an array_filter
     *       with a callback. But... we're not.
    protected function filter($tokens, $config, $context) {
        return $tokens;


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