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$L['Ok'] = 'Ok';
$L['Save'] = 'Save';
$L['Done'] = 'Done';
$L['Back'] = '&lt;&nbsp;Back';
$L['Next'] = 'Next&nbsp;&gt;';
$L['Finish'] = 'Finish';
$L['Restart'] = 'Restart';
$L['Board_email'] = 'Board e-mail';
$L['Administrator'] = 'Administrator';
$L['User'] = 'User';
$L['Password'] = 'Password';
$L['Installation'] = 'Installation';
$L['Install_db'] = 'Installing the repository table';
$L['Connection_db'] = 'Connection parametres for the database';
$L['Database_type'] = 'Database type';
$L['Database_host'] = 'Database host (host/port/dsn)';
$L['Database_name'] = 'Database name';
$L['Database_user'] = 'Database user (login/password)';
$L['Repository'] = 'Repository';
$L['Select_repository'] = 'Select your system';
$L['File_directory'] = 'Directory (text files)';
$L['Database'] = 'Database';
$L['Table_prefix'] = 'Table prefix';
$L['Create_table'] = 'Create table into database [%s]';
$L['Htablecreator'] = 'If the administrator 1 is not granted to create table, you can enter here an alternate login.';
$L['End_message'] = 'You can access the board as Admin.';
$L['Upgrade'] = 'If you upgrade from version 1.x, your previous settings are displayed here. You can continue to the next step.';
$L['Upgrade2'] = 'If you upgrade from version 1.x, you do NOT have to install the tables. Continue to the next step.';
$L['Check_install'] = 'Check installation';
$L['S_connect'] = 'Connection successful...';
$L['E_connect'] = "<br/><br/><b>Problem to connect database [%s] on server [%s]</b><br/><br/>Possible causes:<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;Host is incorrect.<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;Database name is incorrect.<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;User login (or password) is incorrect.<br/>";
$L['S_save'] = 'Save successful... (You can press Next)';
$L['E_save'] = "<br/><br/><b>Problem to write into /bin/ folder</b><br/><br/>Possible causes:<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;File /bin/config.php is missing.<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;File /bin/config.php is read-only.<br/>";
$L['S_install'] = 'Installation successful...';
$L['E_install'] = "<b>Problem to install the table [%s] into dabase [%s]</b><br/><br/>Possible causes:<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;Table already exists (delete existing table or use prefix).<br/>&raquo;&nbsp;The user [%s] is not granted to create table.<br/>";
$L['S_install_exit'] = 'Installation have been successfully completed.<br/><br/>Don\'t forget to :<br/>- Define the admin e-mail (in the administration section)<br/>- Turn the board on-line<br/><br/>';
$L['N_install'] = 'This ends the installation procedure.';

$L['Help_0'] = '<b>Board e-mail</b>: It\'s recommended to provide a contact e-mail address. This address is visible in the page: Privacy and legals.<br/><br/><b>Repository</b>: QuickTalk can use a file direcotry or a database system to store the messages.<br/>';
$L['Help_1a'] = '<b>Database type</b>: The database type you are using.<br/>
<b>Database host</b> (server name): If the database server is on the same server as the webserver, use "localhost". Let the port empty unless you are using PostgreSQL (port 5432). Let the DSN empty unless you are using ODBC connection.<br/>
<b>Database name</b>: Type here the name of your database. For Oracle Express use "//localhost/XE".<br/>
<b>Table prefix</b>: If you have several boards in the same database, you can add a prefix to the tablename.<br/>
<b>Administators</b>: User granted to perform update/delete actions in your database. The second administrator is not mandatory.<br/>
<b>About database and logins</b>: Be sure that database or users are EXISTING. The script will just add tables in an existing database. It will not create database nor create database accounts.<br/>
$L['Help_1b'] = '<b>Administrators</b>: User granted to see the administration pages. The second administrator is not mandatory.<br/><br/>If you upgrade from version 1.x, your previous settings are displayed here. You can continue to the next step.<br/>';
$L['Help_2'] = '<b>Create table</b>: Press Ok to install the quicktalk table into your database.<br/>';

$L['E_dir_data'] = 'Missing directory [data]. You must first create this directory and make it writable.';
$L['E_dir_writable'] = 'The directory [data] is locked. You must first make it writable.';
$L['E_email'] = 'Invalid e-mail format';
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