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/* PHP Nanomus - Mini CMS without database                              */
/* =======================================                              */
/*                                                                      */
/* Minimus 2009 version 1.0.3                                           */
/*                                                                      */
/* Copyright (c) 2009-2010                                              */
/* http://www.php-nanomus.org                                           */
/* hide@address.com                                                  */
/* Others projects:                                                     */
/* CMS PHP Maximus ( with mysql database ) www.php-maximus.org          */
/* Blog PHP Minimus ( with mysqli database ) www.php-minimus.org        */
/* Stop Spam Referer ( without database ) www.stop-spam-referer.info    */
/* PHP Firewall ( without database ) www.php-firewall.info              */
/* Release version 1.0.3                                                */
/* Release date : 01-17-2009                                            */
/*                                                                      */
/* This program is free software.                                       */

Officials websites :

 - www.php-nanomus.org ( English )
 - fr.php-nanomus.org ( French )

Demo on demo.php-nanomus.org

Copyright Notice
Nanomus is a mini Free and Open Source CMS without database released under minimum conditions to which you undertake your own responsibility.
Nanomus comes as is and without any commitments or contractual guarantee.
if you use Nanomus CMS in a single host urges you to mutual responsibilities by contract signed between your hoster and yourself.
Nanomus CMS offers free support on-www.php nanomus.org (in French and English), We dont guarantee anything about what can be discussed on a public forum.
if you use Nanomus CMS you agree to upgrade and / or patch your version with the latest versions available.
All this conditions can be changed at any time without any limitation whatever, you are liable for breaches of these rules minimalist development.

Why Nanomus ?

More by passion at the start, then the idea of creating a simple tool to put in place to create a small website, compliant W3C, with outstanding performance, secure and without database.
From all this Nanomus emerged :)
Nanomus is extremely minimalist, a concentrated experience of CMS Maximus and Minimus blog, which I hope you will do what you want easily.


Above all, remember that Nanomus requires files and folders CHMODS modification, you need a webhost must therefore allowing you CHMOD the management and can write / edit / delete folders and files on your server using PHP script.

Upload the contents of the directory
Modify if necessary, folders and files chmods (they must be open for writing)
  * datas/
  * datas/metas/
  * kernel/config.php

Then rename the file sample.htaccess : .htaccess

Your website is up, identify yourself with the following access:
 * user: admin
 * pass: admin

Nanomus represents approximately 150 kb on disk (including images, javascript, php ...)

WARNING: deletion of a page is irremediable, ALL THE DATA of this page will be deleted, lost and not go back in later.

Update 1.0.3 version
 Replace these files:
  - index.php
  - templates/theme.html
  - kernel/admin.php
  - kernel/create_page.php
  - kernel/Edit_Config.php
  - kernel/filemanager.php
  - kernel/modif_page.php
  - kernel/save_page.php
  - kernel/Valid_Config.php

Update 1.0.2 version

 Replace these files:
  - index.php
  - templates/theme.html

Update 1.0.1 version

 Do not delete your kernel/config.php file
 Keep your folser datas/
 Upload all others files
 Warning, the kernel/template.php  filehas been moved and renamed by templates/theme.html on the idea of diabolo, which allows better separation of PHP and HTML

New in version 1.0.3

 Nanomus validation with the free french hosting FREE.FR
 New url rewriting for free.fr ( without htaccess ), you can use the old formule too with small urls
 Fix meta title

New in version 1.0.2
 * Fix theme include
 * Best portable code by removing short_tags
 * Thanks to Diabolo for these tips :)

New in version 1.0.1
 * anti duplicate content
 * balise title by page
 * fix for accents in meta
 * deleting the comma placed by default in the meta keyword, careful to separate each word with a comma
 * separation of CSS associated at the administration in the file templates/admin.css
 * Adding version Nanomus in the administration
 * Adding an anti theft session
 * adding an access control administration by IPs (additional IPs available)
 * code admin moving to reduce the core of the cms
 * code cleanup and various lightening


If you translate Nanomus, please send me the language file at: hide@address.com

Bests regards to you all who participate actively in Maximus / Minimus / Nanomus projects

Cyril Levert - Open Source Specialist Development since 2002
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